Terms of Use

Most of the images here are items that I made myself. There are items posted here I have gotten from public domain sites that are no longer under copyright law. I have some images that I made myself using items that were purchased with permission to use in commercial images. If  there are any graphics posted on my site that belong to someone else, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.  To the best of my knowledge I am not using anything that is currently copyrighted.

You may not:
Images cannot be compiled on a CD or Collage sheet listed on your blog, website, Esty, Zazzle or any other site to sell as is. It must be used in images you produced in an art project to resell.

In short:

Cannot compile images and resell them as is.

Images I have made can be used to in your art projects to resell. All the items that I have made are created in 300 dip for the highest quality.

Supplies are free to use. Paper clips, eyelets, etc.

It is very time consuming to make images to sell or give away.  I ask that you make a donation  if you resell the items. This allows me to keep supplying free images.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the terms of use. I love comments so if you enjoy this site, please leave a comment.

Jo Ann