Sunday, January 15, 2012

Old Clock

I purchased a clock that looks like this one (except this one has a rustier face) in an estate sale recently. I thought I would try to create one like it and this is the the result. Ideal for vintage layouts. Ideal for vintage layouts.

This is how I did it: I used the wood look alike circle found in the freebie section and duplicated it so I would have two. I reduced the size of the 2nd circle it fit inside the original one. Then I added a clock face I had in my stash. To make the stem I used the select tool and drew out a small rectangular and filled it with black. I kind of nudged the two sides at the top with the warp tool. To make the little round thing used to hang on the wall, I used the select tool to make a circle. I then selected the middle into a another circle and pressed the delete button to cut out the middle. To make the brass circle I used the select tool again to make the circle and filled it a brass gradient. It was on its on own layer so I put the layer over the black round thing and it was done. I also made the wood look alike circle using eye candy.

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  1. Love the clock looks so real great job on your work!