Friday, May 3, 2013

Free Digital Floral Background

12 x 12 Floral Background. This was created in
300 dpi  high quality for printing.

A lot of my backgrounds have faded flowers and other images. For scrapbooking it's great.
This image can be re-sized to use for the front of a
card, invitations and even wall art to print and hang.
If you are looking for more wall art to print out and hang. I have a lot of images in my Etsy shop for 99¢
in 8 x 10 size. That is a good price for a picture to hang on the wall in beautiful colors and designs.
Go look. Doesn't cost any thing to look and they are an instant download. Look under sections on the left side and click on "sale items under $1.00."
You can go to the Etsy shop by clicking on the pink rose on the right. "My Etsy Shop."

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